Why ManuProtect Is Suitable For Young Adults

Becoming financially independent is a long, arduous process that can take a long time to get right. This is doubly so for young adults: the demographic just getting their foot in the door of working life. With minimal experience, your salary may have just started to inch towards higher amounts, making it much harder to think about purchases like a new house, a new car, or even life insurance.

Among those three, life insurance is the least expensive, yet very few consider getting a policy, citing reasons like the complexity of application and the cost of premiums. This is where ManuProtect term life insurance comes in, and it may be the best term life insurance option for you. Here are some of its features:

1. Protection from as low as RM0.15 a day

Right off the bat, ManuProtect addresses the biggest concern: the cost. Keeping in mind the comparatively low salaries of freshly-minted workers, ManuProtect offers affordable death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage from as low as RM0.15 a day. This gives you more financial freedom while still keeping yourself protected.

2. Convenient and hassle-free

Solving the second largest gripe that most have with purchasing insurance, ManuProtect offers a streamlined experience for you. It does not require any prior medical check-ups and can be completely done online. The online nature of the application also means that there are no servicing fees, thus making the plan more affordable to you.

3. Customisable coverage

Depending on your income, you can choose coverage amount ranging from RM50,000 to RM600,000. In addition, there is an option to include the Accelerated Critical Illness Rider which offers an advance of the plan’s face amount should you be diagnosed with one of the specified  critical illnesses.

4. Substantial coverage amounts

ManuProtect offers large coverage amounts for death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD). The plan offers up to RM600,000 face amount and will pay double the face amount in the event of accidental death.

The affordability and convenience of ManuProtect makes it one of the best choices for young adults who are just starting out. Protection doesn’t have to be a big commitment. Choose ManuProtect today.


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